11 Makeup Tips for Freckles That Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Navigating makeup techniques and products can be a bit of a challenge if you’re looking to enhance your natural freckles. Sometimes hiding or enhancing our features calls for different products than we’d usually use in our makeup routines for our skin type. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your freckles or hide them completely, here are our best makeup tips for freckles.


Our Tips for Enhancing Freckles with Makeup

#1 Look for sheer formulas

Foundations marketed as lightweight or buildable are sheer enough to let your freckles be seen. Opting for BB creams and tinted moisturisers like It Cosmetic’s Your Skin But Better CC Cream are excellent choices instead of foundation. Don’t want to fork out for new products? Try adding a few drops of foundation to your moisturiser for a natural finish and sheer on the go product.


#2 Precise concealer application

If you need to spot conceal without masking your freckles, you need a precise application method. Dabbing on a high coverage concealer with the tip of your finger is an effective way to blend the product on a small area. You can achieve the same results with the tip of a beauty blender or a small tapered blending brush.


#3 Cream blush and highlight

Cream products are the best way to add a youthful flush and glow to the cheeks and cheekbones for a natural look. They melt into the skin for a realistic your-skin-but-better effect. Most cream products are also sheer enough to prevent makeup from covering your freckles. Dewy, sheer and creamy products are ideal for ensuring freckled skin appears radiant and hydrated.


#4 Avoid heavy contour

If you’re looking to add dimension with some contouring or a sun-kissed bronzed effect, go in with a light hand. A heavy application of these cool-toned complexion products can leave your face looking muddy or cakey. Heavy contour mixed with the appearance of freckles can make your makeup look muddy or cakey.


#5 Try brown eyeliner and mascara

One of our favourite tips when it comes to makeup for freckles is using brown eyeliner and mascara. Dark, pigmented black products can upstage your freckles and make them appear muted. Try brown liner and mascara for your everyday no-makeup looks instead and maintain the contrast of your natural skin.


#6 Enhance with a brow pencil

The beauty of makeup for freckles is that there are no rules. Using a brow pencil in a matching tone to deepen your freckles and setting the look with setting spray will enhance your existing freckles.


#7 Warm-tone lip colour for contrast

Opting for warm-tone lip colours will contrast against cool-tone freckles and make them both stand out equally. Orangey hues and warmer reds are best to achieve this balance.


Tips for Hiding Your Freckles

#8 Use a Colour Corrector to Cancel Your Freckles

To hide your freckles completely, you’ll need to colour correct them along with any other pigmentation. Yellow toned colour correcting makeup will cancel out your freckles. The Studio Fix Correct and Conceal palette by MAC Cosmetics is a good place to start. Apply the yellow shade to dark spots before going in with concealer and full coverage foundation.


#9 Match the undertone of your skin not your freckles

When looking for base products, make sure you’re selecting products that match the undertone of your skin and not your freckles. To find the perfect colour for you, always try to match the product to the colour of your neck and chest. If your face ends up looking grey, the shade is likely too dark and close to your freckle colour.


#10 Apply a Nude Close To Your Natural Lip Colour

If you have freckles on your lips, using a nude shade lipstick and lip liner that is as close to your natural lip colour is preferable. First, line the lips and apply the lip liner all over. Then, apply a pigmented lipstick of your choosing to finish concealing the freckles.


#11 Use SPF Every Day

Wanting a flawless complexion isn’t always easily attainable, but you can get a step closer by wearing SPF. To hide the signs of ageing, everyone should really be wearing at least SPF 30 every day. This protects your skin from damage caused by UV radiation and can also prevent the chance of new freckles from cropping up on your face.


Hire a Professional To Apply The Best Makeup Techniques for Freckles

Makeup for hiding or enhancing your freckles can be a bit more complex than the regular tutorials you’re used to following. Our makeup stylists at Twidale can help you get the most out of your natural complexion for special events. We also offer hair styling services and wedding day packages for the complete bridal glam experience. If you know someone with fair skin and natural freckles, share this blog with them! Get in touch to book an appointment with us.