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3 Beach Wedding Hairstyle Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Beach weddings are an ideal location for brides looking to capture the beauty of the shoreline in their photos. They’re cost-effective, require less planning than a traditional wedding and best of all, you can start your honeymoon as soon as you go back to your beachfront accommodation! Once you’ve decided on your beach venue and your dress, it’s time to think about beauty styling. To get the most out of your special day, plan ahead with these stunning beach wedding hairstyles.


Waves Inspired by the Ocean

Sweep your partner off their feet on your big day with these romantic side-swept waves. This stunning look incorporates soft waves and an elegant side part that showcases your wedding makeup. A seaside breeze is sure to look picturesque flowing through this hairstyle. You can accessorise this look with understated clips or flashy statement pieces to express yourself to the fullest extent. This is also one of our favourite beach wedding hairstyles for its low maintenance. If you don’t like the thought of having your hair braided or taking out multiple bobby pins at the end of the night, this style is perfect for you. Short and long hair both look equally stunning with this look.

Tuck a Flower In It

Nothing can emulate a beach bride vibe quite like a flower accessory can. Flower embellished beach wedding hairstyles are a must for brides to consider. Use a floral embroidered pin or clip for a picture-perfect effect, or, you can choose real flowers for a more natural and delicate look. You can tuck flowers into a side braid, the tie of a ponytail or simply behind your ear. For an unforgettable flower moment, go all out with a flower crown to accessorise over any hairstyle. Incorporate some of the local flora by using flowers from your venue’s natural surroundings — this is especially gorgeous if you’re having a destination wedding. You can also incorporate the same type of flower into your wedding arch for a beautifully coordinated ceremony.


Textured Loose Chignon

We can’t get enough of chignon buns and they’re one of our favourite beach wedding hairstyles. They’re simple, classy and never go out of fashion. You can create this hairstyle with either loose textured waves or sleek straight hair for a completely different look. Personalise your chignon with hair accessories or a flowing veil which you can wear below your low bun. Wearing it below the bun is becoming increasingly popular and desirable for contemporary weddings. However, it can take a bit more skill to place it just right so that it looks intentional and not as though the fabric is falling out of your bun. We adore this textured look especially on platinum blonde hair to emphasise the contrast between highlights and shadows.


Trial Beach Wedding Hairstyles at Twidale

Have your heart set on one of these beach wedding hairstyles? Come in for a hair and makeup trial with our professional stylists at Twidale. We offer full wedding and formal packages to make sure you’re always looking your best. We also provide cut and colour treatments if you’re looking for a new regular salon. So whether you have a special event coming up or just feel like a change, book an appointment with Twidale.