3 Pro Tips for the Best Formal Hair!

So bae has agreed to escort you to the school formal, you’ve convinced your mum into buying you the gorgeous dress and now you just need the perfect formal hair to get your whole look on fleek!

So how to up your formal hair game on your night of nights? Here’s three hot tips from the pro’s at Twidale Salon:

1) Get Preppy

Hair preparation is truly key to achieving and keeping a great hair style all night. Use a mousse to boost volume and texture control in damp, freshly showered hair. Then blow dry your hair section by section to smooth the ends.

2) Matchy Matchy

You need to (quite obviously – like duh) match your hairstyle to your dress. If you’re rocking the chic elegance of a one-shouldered gown, consider a side-pony or side-bun over the non-strap shoulder. If you are stepping out in a heavily textured garment you may want to smooth out your hair so it’s not all too much going on together. With a sleek simple dress however, you’ve got a bit more latitude to play with – so think curls or texture. The bottom line is, don’t decide on your dress and hairstyle independently, it’s the complete look that matters.

3) Frizz-free

Nothing disappoints quite like thinking you got yourself a completely on-point snap of yourself and your hot date, only to realise on closer inspection that a ring of frizz around your head makes you look slightly cray-cray. If you are prone to frizzing up pack a little shine and frizz control spritzer in your clutch.

BONUS Pro Tip: Call Twidale and let the best in the biz look after your hair for you!