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4 ways to try ’90s grunge hair

We’ve shown you how to get the iconic ‘90s blowout hair, now it’s time to talk about another iconic ‘90s look, the ‘90s grunge hair.  Inspired by the punk rock generation of the ’80s and ’90s, today’s take on ‘90s grunge hair is fun, funky and carefree. The grunge hair look can take many forms from textured waves to spiked pixie cuts. In this blog, we will share with you 4 iconic ways to achieve the ‘90s grunge hair look.


1. Textured ‘90s Grunge Hair Curls

‘90s grunge hair is all about being messy and carefree. Adding texture to your curls can give your hair the edgy look that was so popular during the ‘90s. The  textured grunge curls work on any hair length and are actually super easy to achieve. You can create this look by styling your hair as usual and then adding a sea salt or texturising spray to the hair such as the MUK beach Muk sea salt spray or the IGK BEACH CLUB Texture Spray. Once you’ve applied the spray, run your fingers through your strands to give your hair the tousled rock-chick look.

2. Crimped ‘90s Grunge Hair

Crimping was a must in the ‘90s from Christina Aguliera to Madonna, and you saw it everywhere including in your favourite music videos and on the red carpet, now it’s making a comeback! Recently crimped hair has been spotted on celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Sophie Turner, and now you too can rock the crimped hair at home. You want to start with straight, flat hair, which you can achieve by using a straightening iron. After your hair is straight, you will want to grab a crimper such as the BaByliss Pro Crimper. With your crimper, you want to slowly press the iron onto your hair moving downwards. Do this throughout your whole hair and you’ll be rocking crimped ‘90s grunge hair in no time.



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3. Spiked Pixie Grunge Cut

If you have short hair or are thinking about going short, you might want to consider a pixie cut. Made popular by Halle Berry and Drew Barrymore, the spiked pixie involves keeping long strands around the front and crown of the hair, while having short sides and back. You can achieve the spiked look by using a gel such as the American Crew Firm Hold Gel. Spread the gel throughout the tops of the hair to give the hair height.

4. The Shag Cut

Another grunge throwback look from the ‘90s is the shag cut. The shag consists of numerous layers and feathering techniques around the tops and crown of the head and thins out towards the ends and edges. This hairstyle is all about the layers and works well with most hair lengths. However, it tends to suit people with thicker and fuller hair. If you are wondering if the shag cut is right for you, our team would be happy to help and give recommendations on if the shag is right for you.



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Need help Rocking ‘90s Grunge Hair?

If you need help rocking one of these ‘90s grunge hair looks our team at Twidale can help! We can have you looking like a ‘90s rocker chic in no time, with our cut, colour and hair styling services. If you’re wanting to book a hair appointment please get in touch with us.