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5 Bridal Makeup Ideas For the Minimalist Bride

Whether you are inspired by the rise of the minimalistic makeup trend or you’re consciously striving towards a minimalist lifestyle, we have tips to help you achieve the perfect natural wedding day look. Minimalist makeup is simple, timeless and flattering on every bride. Here are our professional stylists’ best bridal makeup ideas that are efficient and chic.


Let Your Real Skin Peek Through

Your natural skin is a stunning feature that is uniquely yours. If you have freckles, we have plenty of makeup tips to enhance them on the day. With the right skin preparation in the lead up to your wedding, you won’t feel the need to layer on the foundation. Hydrating your skin with hyaluronic acid and rich moisturiser on the eve of your wedding is the best way to ensure you have a glowy, radiant complexion on the day. On the day itself, applying a tinted moisturiser or BB cream is a great way to gently veil any areas of pigmentation while appearing natural.



Natural Feathered Brows

Brows are incredibly important in every makeup look — they frame the face and set the tone for the style you’re trying to achieve. For a minimalist look, one of our recommended bridal makeup ideas is to embrace your brow’s natural shape. If you have particularly sparse areas you can fill them in with a brow pencil, using small hair-like strokes. The feathered brow look is stunning and means that you don’t have to go overboard with waxing and plucking. Simply applying a strong brow gel in up and outward strokes will enhance your natural brows and draw attention to the eyes.


Soft, Lifted Lashes

There are many ways to go about your lashes when it comes to minimalist bridal makeup ideas. You might be comfortable with a natural-looking set of lash extensions, or individual lashes that can be placed strategically to give the illusion of a full lash. If you’re looking to stick with your natural lashes you want to be careful with mascara formulas. Waterproof mascara will limit the smearing and fall-out that can appear under your eyes. It’s always a good idea to prep your lashes with a curling wand before applying your mascara for that extra lift. To go the extra mile before the day, try out lash lengthening serums to lengthen your already beautiful lashes.

Make Your Products Multi-Purpose

One of the bridal makeup ideas for efficiency is actually a tried and true makeup artist favourite, and that is making each product go the extra mile. For a minimalist bridal look, this could be using a cheek and lip tint for adding a flush to the cheeks and a subtle lip stain. Or for brides wanting a sun-kissed glow, using a shimmered bronzer all over the lids. Using your brow pencil to gently contour your lips is another great tip. Lastly, you can use a sparkly, reflective, shimmer shadow to apply on the lids, the high points of the face for a highlight that will catch beautifully in the sun.



Test Out These Minimalist Bridal Makeup Ideas At Twidale

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