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5 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

Deciding on a hairstyle for your wedding can be challenging. While styles might look great in photos, it’s hard to know whether they’re workable with your own hair length and style, and how they’ll hold on the day. We’ve put together 5 romantic wedding hairstyles that are simply stunning for every hair length!

A Low Chignon Bun

Whether your hair is just brushing your shoulders or flowing down past your elbows, a low chignon bun looks elegant on everyone. You can choose to have strands curled and down framing the face, or tied back in a tight twist, complete with flowers or a vintage brooch to accessorise. 

The low chignon is perfect for brides wanting a classic updo that is easy to maintain throughout the day. This romantic wedding hairstyle can also draw attention to the shine and texture of your hair, without taking too much focus away from the dress.

A Regal Crown

Let the hairpiece speak for you and take your wedding to the next level with a glamorous wedding crown. Crowns are a beautiful accessory if you want to wear your hair completely natural with a finishing touch that makes you feel like modern-day royalty. You can wear your hair down in a carefree style or weave it into a simple braid knowing that your crown will elevate any look that you decide on. 

Most crowns and other bridal hairpieces are secured in with pins and a little bit of teasing so you can enjoy your night on the dance floor and not worry about them falling out. Statement hairpieces are also an opportunity to showcase the theme of your wedding, whether it’s modern, boho or vintage – there’s a crown out there perfect for you!

Classic Cascading Curls

For timeless romantic wedding hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with a head of cascading curls. This style is both classic and romantic, and complements every face shape. It requires a little more preparation time than you might expect, with a combination of well-prepped hair, curlers and some heat tools as well as hairspray for all-day staying power. For your hair to shine, we recommend a deeply hydrating and nourishing wash, followed by a heat protectant and styling glaze for glossy, bouncy curls.

We use a mix of curlers and heat tools that ensure you get the curls you want without the damage. To guarantee that you have shiny and healthy for your special day, we recommend prepping with Nak haircare products that suit your hair type and protecting your hair with H2D haircare.

Half-Up Half-Down

We’ve all had that moment where we’re stuck deciding whether to have an updo or leave our hair down. The half-up half-down style delivers the best of both worlds and ensures your beautiful face and bridal makeup is front and centre while showcasing your shiny locks for everyone to see. You can let your creativity run wild with how your hair is styled and tied at the back; the options are just about endless. You can choose from a relaxed messy-chic look with two strands tied at the back, decorated with small flowers, or a bouffant with the whole top section pulled back into a decorative clip that adds volume and dimension if you have a thicker hair type.

Half-up styles are a popular look for those wanting an effortless romantic wedding hairstyle that still has wow-factor when you’re walking down the aisle. Alternatively, it’s also a great option to consider for your bridesmaids.

Textured Tousled Waves

If you want to look naturally elegant on your special day, then textured, tousled waves are the imperfectly perfect romantic wedding hairstyle. All you need is a little bit of sea salt spray to add texture, the best H2D haircare to prep, style and guarantee that soft multi-toned look, and depending on your hair type, some gentle use of heat tools in the morning. 

No matter the length, this style will look and feel authentically you, and you can part and accessorise however you like. This means you won’t need to make major changes to your hair in the lead up to your big day. For more of our suggestions, make sure you check our list of wedding hair dos and don’ts, and our top 5 wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Try One of These Romantic Wedding Hairstyles at Your Hair Trial

If you’re getting excited for your romantic day and you’re still looking for a hair stylist to make your wedding dreams come true, our stylists at Twidale are here to help. Our team will work with you to create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted, and if you want to achieve a certain length for your big day we can advise you on cut and colour, makeup looks, and treatments leading up to your special day. Get in touch with our team to get started and book a bridal hair trial with us to make sure you know what your want for your special day.