6 Best Haircut Styles for Thin Hair

If you have fine hair or thin hair, you most likely understand the struggle of constantly trying to create the illusion of voluminous hair. The bad news is, the wrong haircut can actually make your hair look less substantial. But the good news? There are haircut styles for thin hair that will create the impression of thicker, more luscious locks. Read on for our top six suggestions.


One Length Blunt Bob

The shorter the cut, the more body and volume your hair will have. While light layers can create volume, keeping your hair one length all the way around gives the illusion of fuller hair. Your ends will look thicker and denser. A chic, blunt bob is definitely one of the best haircut styles for thin hair.

Side Part Cut

One of the easiest ways to add instant volume? Part your hair to the side before your next cut, gathering most of your hair to one side. If you’ve been parting your hair down the middle for many years, this hair redirection will likely also see your roots gain an instant, natural “lift” due to normally being flattened in the opposite direction.


Add Bangs

Adding bangs is another great way to give the illusion of fullness and texture. Side-swept bangs, blunt bangs or a textured fringe – there are many haircut styles to choose from! It ultimately depends on what suits your hair type and the look you are trying to create. If your hair is receding at the front, a fringe can act as a great distraction for this problematic area. Stick to blunt bangs if you’ve opted for a blunt cut, and soft eye-grazing fringe if you have layers.


Lightly Layered Lob

A lob, or long bob, is perfect in-between-lengths haircut. Sitting close to the shoulders, it’s one of those universally flattering haircut styles for thin hair that suits all face shapes and hair colours. Adding light layers is a great way to add body to fine hair. Layers add movement and dimension, however, too much layering can make fine hair look limp. Stick with very light layers (making sure you ask for the ends look blunt and not feathered) in order to create an illusion of thickness.

Pixie Cut

A pixie haircut (look at Michelle Williams for inspo) can create an illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Try adding choppy layers to create more volume, and low lights or highlights for even more dimension – and don’t forget to use product!


Medium Length with Blunt Ends

If you’d prefer to keep more length, one of the best haircut styles for thin, longer hair is to keep the layers to a minimum and opt for blunt ends. One-length hair will help create the appearance of thicker hair. The longer the lengths, the thinner your hair will appear. If you’d prefer to have a few layers rather than just one blunt cut, keep the layers long.


Try One of These Haircut Styles for Thin Hair at Twidale?

Ready for a change in haircut styles? For those with thin hair, we highly recommend one of the styles mentioned above. If you’re keen to give one a go, make sure to book an appointment with one of our hairdressers here at Twidale. We’ll help you make a decision that’s best suited to your hair type and face shape.