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60s Makeup is Trending: Here are 3 Eye Looks To Try

We all know by now that trends come and go – and often come back again! Well in 2021, the 60s makeup trend is experiencing a well-deserved resurgence, and it’s one of our favourite trends. Keen to try a retro-inspired look for an upcoming event? Keep reading to discover looks that are inspired by the 60s that we’re most excited by; some might surprise you!

Pastel Shadow

Bright, pastel eye colours are back. From powder blues to preppy pinks, these looks were originally popular in the 60s and are easy to spot. They stand out from the colourful gradients and perfectly blended neutrals that dominated most of the Twenty-Tens. To take it from summer or spring, to autumn and winter, opt for a deeper pink or purple to give the look a new lease on life.

This 60s makeup trend can be achieved by using concealer or eyeshadow primer to lay down a light foundation to let the pigment really pop. Then it’s a matter of picking your favourite colour shadow, and blending all over the lid. In this example we’re using powder kiss liquid lip in the colour iescandelo from Mac on the lips, lids and cheeks to create a romantic monochromatic ensemble.

Retro Cut-Crease

Ariana Grande’s Positions album shoot was homage to the 60s, from the hair to the makeup to the accessories, and we think it looks fabulous.

60s makeup was all about creating a doe-eyed gaze with eye liner, opening the eye, sharpening the corners slightly and giving them winged definition. To get a look like this, you’ll need to use a thin brush to develop an outline that goes slightly above your natural crease and all the way into the inner corner with eyeshadow that is blended out slightly. Then, just as you would with your standard cut crease, go back in with concealer over the lid and outwards to define the sharp edges, and apply a soft, shimmer shadow onto your lid.

Grande has also experimented with the more recent recurring trend of graphic liner that also had its start in the 60s makeup scene. Use coloured liner to draw on pronounced and punchy lines above the crease to get this sweet yet bold look that accentuates the eyes.

Baby Doll Lashes

Dramatic and obvious lashes are a 60s makeup trend that are making a comeback today, but what is also trending is the drawn-on lower lash look a la Twiggy. We’ve seen this look appear in a few runway shows and even on celebrities like Adele and Lucy Boynton. You can achieve this same look with either lash singles on your lower lash line, using a dramatic band lash on your lower lash line or drawing them on one by one!

More 60s Makeup Trends You Can Wear Today

Lily Collins is an actress well-known for her signature bold and bushy brows, but the fashion icon that first brought a very similar style to the limelight was Audrey Hepburn. In order to get your brows looking thick, angular and framing the face as a prominent feature, use a brow pomade or wax and powder to define their shape and add more depth. To ensure that they still look natural, use less product on the inner brow and create feathered lines with a finely tipped brow pencil to avoid a harsh outline.

Soft, blended out smokey liner is a trend that emerged in the 60s alongside winged eyeliner – but that never really disappeared. This trend makes a departure from the crisp sharp edges of eyeliner and back to liner that is blended to perfection on the lid. It gives a really soft edge that makes your eyes look bigger, and disguises your lash line if you’re wearing false lashes.

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