7 Gold Makeup Looks You Can Wear All Year Round - Twidale Australia's most wanted Hair and Makeup Artist Menu Meet The Sirens About Twidale Weddings Fashion Price List Testimonials Contact Make a Booking Bridal Contract Inspiration, Makeup 7 Gold Makeup Looks You Can Wear All Year Round April 22, 2021 Have you ever wondered why gold makeup looks continue to be on-trend season after season? It’s because they’re universally flattering for every skin tone, eye colour and complement almost every outfit. When in doubt, use gold to brighten up your day and sparkle for the night. There are stunning looks for makeup artists of every skill level to try; read on to see seven of our favourite looks that work for any season.   All That Glitters is Gold This look will have your eyes glistening for the whole world to see! The secret to making gold go bold is contrast. Glitter, foil shadow and a smokey brown base with winged liner take this look to the next level. How to do it: Start off with your go-to lid primer and use a warm brown for your transition shade in the crease. Deepen it in the outer corners and then apply a fresh base of concealer where you want the gold to really stick. Then, apply a gold foil shadow all over the lid and blend out to the crease. Go back in with flakey glitter over the entire lid where you placed the gold shadow, we recommend using a glitter glue or a primed brush to make sure it has staying power. To balance out the drama unfolding on the lid, take a blue liner to your waterline and add that wow factor. Finish it off with black eyeliner and incredible lashes and this look is sure to be turning heads wherever you go.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Pink Champagne We love an opportunity to sprinkle in some pink, and @patmcgrath went above and beyond the gold standard with this sultry look. We can picture this being perfect for Valentine’s day or a fun twist on the classic nude shades that normally make up your evening look. How to do it: Prime and set the lids with a light concealer and eggshell powder to create an ultra-smooth canvas for the shadows. Then, going in with a fluffy brush, use a matte magenta shade to give the crease some colour and blend all the way to the top of the brow bone. Next, use a foiled chartreuse shade to deepen the outer corner and the outer lower lash line. Take the yellow-gold and pack it in the inner corner, blending towards the centre of the lid and finally add the pink to the middle to complete the look. Make sure the transitions are smooth and gentle on both the upper and lower lid and let the shadows do the rest!           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal)   Golden Glow Bring your A-game this winter with a cool-tone gold shimmer moment that rivals the starry night sky. Gold makeup looks good on everyone but cool tones work especially well if you have cool undertones in your skin, hair and eyes.  How to do it: Dive right into your classic evening look with a cool brown transition shade in the crease. Layer it with deeper browns, being sure to accentuate the shape of your eye and leave the lid as bare as you can. Use a fluffy brush to blend between each colour and drag the remnants of pigment to connect the brow bone to your nose contour. Then take a white-gold shimmer and pack it into the inner corner and blend it across the span of the lid for it to take full effect.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Fiercely Bold with a Hint of Gold Get your festival vibes pumping with this high-energy tricolour look. The fun combination of blue, gold and pink is giving us some serious Harley Quinn vibes. We love this spin on the classic cut-crease, but don’t be intimidated, we can step you through it.  How to do it: To get started, use a good lid primer all over to create a sticky base for your shadows. Then go in with a garnet or mauve pink and buff it into the crease and dragging it down onto the lower lash line. Layer the shadow up in the outer corner of the eye and drag it in towards the inner corner to make a dramatic halo effect. Then, use a tapered brush to pack concealer over the pink to redefine where you want your lid to be. Make the lines as sharp and defined as you can and then apply the deep blue shadow directly on top, blending only the outer corner, leaving the cut-crease intact. Take a black shadow to the lower lash line to blend into the pink, and tightline your eye with a black liner. Finally, add a yellow-gold pop to the inner corners, you may want to wet your brush with a setting spray to make sure the gold holds well. Pair this with a similar toned blush and a yellow-gold highlight and you’ve done it!           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Wings of Gold This simple yet divine look will have you looking like an ethereal goddess in minutes. Thankfully you don’t have to master the art of tricolour blending to make a statement with gold makeup looks. If you love this look, you can find more inspiration for easy eye makeup looks to make you stand out in our blog. How to do it: Swipe a pearlescent white or light pink shadow over the lid as a base. Then take a small angled brush and dampen it slightly to pick up as much pigment as possible from a bright gold shadow. Using the angled brush, create a rounded wing that extends from the inner corner of your eye, flicking up towards the tail end of your brow. For a sharper look, use tape to protect the rest of your makeup from fallout or wild brush stokes and keep the line thin and narrow. To draw more attention to your liner prowess, use cool-tone highlights for your face makeup, a voluminous band lash and a dark, bold lip. Gold makeup looks good on everyone!           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Golden Hour Sunset eyeshadow truly sets our heart on fire. This two-tone look by @maccosmeticsau proves that experimenting with colour is always a good idea, especially when fiery golds are contrasted by sparkly ocean blues. If mismatching eyes aren’t for you, simply use this guide on both eyes to achieve a stunning eye look.  How to do it: To get the left eye look, all you need is a bright gold shimmer shadow, and a burnt orange to frame it. Start by priming the lid with a lightweight concealer or primer to make the subtle colours shine, and define the crease gently with the bronze as your transition shade. Take care not to be heavy handed on the outer corner as this look focuses all the deep hues on the inner part of the lid. Blend around the eye creating a halo effect and generously apply the bronze on your lower lash line before going in with that stunning gold shimmer all over the centre of the lid. Pack it on to make the gold pop and then blend outwards for a sunset look to die for.            View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by M·A·C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics)   Ray of Sunshine Sometimes less really is more; this gold makeup looks as though you have a sun-kissed glow that is completely natural. This understated look lets your skin take the spotlight by being paired with an all-over golden highlight to make you look simply magical. How to do it: Start off by applying a hydrating moisturiser to your décolletage and face. Then cover any dark circles, spots or pigmentation with a concealer that matches your skin tone and set with powder to even out your skin tone. Next, you can use a shimmer body oil with gold glitter to bring out an inner glow from your skin. Alternatively, you can apply a product like one of Hourglass’s ambient shimmers with a large powder brush, paying attention to the tops of the shoulders, collarbone, neck and face. Using illuminators to highlight high points of the face, like the brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbones will allow you to make this look as dewy as you want. To read more tips about how to get a look like this, check out our glowing makeup tutorial.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Get Your Golden Glow Done Professionally  Here at Twidale, we use premium brands and products to achieve exactly what you’re after. If you were inspired by any of these looks, you can book with us for a professional makeup application. We can give you that insta-worthy golden moment with staying power for your next occasion – simply contact our team to make a booking. eye makeup looksmakeupmakeup trend Share Previous post Next post You may also like Natural Summer Makeup Looks We Love January 10, 2023 3 Wedding Guest Makeup Styles to Try This Summer September 19, 2021 60s Makeup is Trending: Here are 3 Eye Looks To Try March 9, 2021 Subscribe and follow Instagram This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: No feed found. 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