A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Great Hair Care Routine - Twidale Australia's most wanted Hair and Makeup Artist Menu Meet The Sirens About Twidale Weddings Fashion Price List Testimonials Contact Make a Booking Bridal Contract Inspiration A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Great Hair Care Routine April 6, 2021 Devising and following a great hair care routine significantly improves the health of your hair and decreases your odds of having a dreaded bad hair day. With so many products on the market having different formulas, products you’ve never heard of before and viral DIY recipes out there, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for what to prioritise in creating the perfect hair care routine for you if you’re a beginner. Work Out What Your Hair Needs Everyone’s hair is different, and by taking a few moments to simply analyse your hair you can work out what it needs from a hair care routine. There are a few things to take into consideration when determining the best hair care products for you. First, work out what type of hair you have: is it curly or straight, thick or fine? These factors will heavily influence what products are designed for you and you’ll tend to see these hair types mentioned on the bottle. Then you want to assess your hair for damage; if you regularly colour your hair or use heat-styling, it’s likely that your hair will be damaged in some capacity. Signs of damage include breakage, hair loss, dryness, frizz and split ends. You’ll also want to check your scalp for flakey skin, dryness and irritation to determine whether you need to change the products you’re currently using, or use deep conditioners and masks that hydrate your scalp to improve the overall health of your hair.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup) Determine Your Hair Goals Now that you know what type of hair you have and the damage you need to address, you can start to look at achieving your hair goals. When it comes to managing the health of your hair, sometimes cutting off the dead ends and letting your hair grow out is the best way to rejuvenate it fully, however quality salon products can go a long way in helping you get your hair to the best it can be. Here are some common hair goals: Volume: For people with fine hair, a lack of volume will cause it to lay flat against the head and look greasy or lifeless. Look for products that that aim to thicken or add volume to hair, and supplements can also aid in thickening up hair. There are also lots of volumising products on the market that will liven up your hair and you can also achieve volume by changing your styling habits. For instance, blow drying your hair at the root with your head upside down can add an instant lift. Texture: You can change your hair texture with different styles, cuts and styling mousses. Sea salt sprays are a great way to add definition if you want a change from untamed frizz or pin-straight hair. Alternatively, a keratin straightening treatment can drastically improve the maintenance of curly or frizzy thick hair that’s difficult to style. Growth: Hair supplements and vitamins are a great to prevent hair loss and promote growth and overall health. If you feel like you’ve tried just about every product or your hair is damaged no matter what you try to avoid, starting at the root may be your best bet. Shine: Healthy, moisturised hair will reflect light and can be a tricky hair goal to achieve. Removing build-up from poorly formulated products, using a hair mask once a week and ensuring you have nourishing, deep conditioning products in your routine will give you the best shot at getting shine. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Twidalehairandmakeup (@twidalehairandmakeup) Establish a Routine Everyone’s hair care routine will be slightly different, but there are a few tips and tricks that are useful for everyone: Sticking to a scheduleYou should aim to wash your hair as close to once a week as possible to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils. Dry shampoo is great to use on days where your hair is looking particularly oily and over time your hair will adapt. Washing your hair with warm waterThough we all love a steaming hot shower, it can dry out your hair and lead to damage. Using cold water for a final rinse will cause the hair cuticle to lay flat, creating smooth texture and shine.  Drying your hair with a microfibre towelTowels and consistent blow drying can damage your hair over time. A microfibre towel is gentle enough to try without causing frizz and unwanted texture so that you can style it to perfection later.  Heat and UV protectant spraysThese are essential for any hair care routine to ensure that your hair doesn’t incur damage from styling or UV rays. Damage will cause breakage, split ends and dull hair that is difficult to repair without cutting it off. Use a heat or UV protectant spray like Nak Hair’s Thermal Protector before styling, or if you’re likely to be spending significant time in direct sunlight. Finding a brush that works for youThere are lots of different brush types out there and finding one that works for you without causing breakage can greatly improve the health of your hair. You should own at least one wide-tooth comb to use when your hair is wet, and for brushing hair when it’s dry, fibre bristle brushes are a great way to redistribute your hair’s natural oil from root to tip as a way to naturally condition your hair. Regular professional haircutsThe only way to be rid of dead and split ends is with haircuts, so try to book a professional haircut once every three months to reset your hair growth and keep it growing nicely. Your hairdresser will also be able to recommend products and techniques that will improve your hair care routine and overall hair health. Book A Hair Care Appointment Today Here at Twidale, we can take care of your hair from regular maintenance needs such as cuts and colours to styling for big events. Our salon is stocked with high-quality products to vastly improve the health of your hair, and we’ll happily provide tailored advice and recommendations for your individual hair needs and goals. 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