How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Hair Style To Suit Your Dress

Welcome, bride-to-be! If you’ve just picked out your wedding dress and now you’re wondering about how to get that beautiful bridal hair style to match, you’re in the right place. We share a few tips and tricks of the trade to finding a bridal hair style you’ll love that’ll complement your dress.


It’s All About The Neckline

The first step to choosing your bridal hair style is to consider the neckline of your wedding dress. For example, if your dress has an adorned or statement back, you probably don’t want to cover that with long luscious curls. Use the list below to find ideas of bridal hair styles that perfectly complement the neckline of your dress and pick one that suits your style.


  • Hair down – wavy or loosely styled
  • Hair down and slicked back – a headpiece like a headband makes a great addition to this style
  • Loosely braided.
  • High bun. This looks particularly nice with a sweetheart neckline.
  • Half-up, half-down – perfect for that hair down look while keeping your hair out of your face. Consider a braid to make this look even more romantic.


  • Side-swept, up or down. This is a soft style that will complement the dress and your shoulders.
  • Messy up-do. Keep the look soft by allowing some natural falling of the hair. Braids go beautifully with this look
  • Half-up, half-down – finish this look with a flower crown for a romantic look.


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Boat neck (or Bateau neck)

  • Up-do – this neckline is made to be seen!
  • Side bun – perfect when paired with a hair accessory to balance it out
  • Sleek ponytail – creates a beautiful polished look
  • Low bun – elegant yet simple


Scoop neck

  • Half-up, half-down – add bangs to this to really wow
  • Faux bob – perfect for a more vintage style dress
  • Side-swept with twists – this gives a beautiful bohemian feel
  • Sleek and pulled back – makes room to show off the neckline and feature the veil
  • Cascading up-do – if tight up-dos aren’t your thing, a cascading up-do will loosen up your look and still bring forth that elegance to complement your neckline


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  • Side-swept – loose waves or soft curls, swept back with a side part and hair tucked behind one ear to expose the neckline.
  • Half-up, half-down. This works beautifully with curled hair and pieces pulled from the front to frame the face
  • Milk-maid braid – for a bohemian look
  • Side bun. This exposes the collar bone whilst elegantly featuring the hair
  • Loose curls – Perfect for a more casual or beachy look


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Up-dos work best to show off this neckline

  • Sleek, wrapped ponytail – elegant and timeless
  • Low bun with headband – parted or brushed back both work well
  • Messy, braided up-do – this looks great with a lacy high neck


Dramatic or low back

Again, up-dos work best with this look

  • Side-swept – out, but styled to one side, or pulled into a low pony tail
  • Bun – High or low, depending on your preference


Practice Makes Perfect

We suggest booking your hair stylist as soon as you’ve confirmed your wedding date to avoid disappointment. Once you’ve been in contact with your stylist, enquire about a time to do a trial appointment. Trial appointments will ensure you and the stylist are confident for the big day and will also allow time for any changes to be made. You’ll also want to try on your wedding dress following the trial appointment to ensure you’ve picked your perfect bridal hair style. If anything is amiss, you’ll know what changes to make before it’s too late, and perhaps even have time to do a second trial to ensure it’s perfect. Take some photos in daylight as a reminder, and make notes about what you liked / didn’t like.


You may breathe a sigh of relief once your stylist is booked, but please remember to care for your hair leading up to the big day as well! Take the time to plan your cut and colour, and get this done at least 6 months in advance to test it out. Try on your dress with your chosen cut and colour to make sure it looks the way you’ve pictured it. Then, have a final touch-up done about 2 weeks before your wedding to allow time for your hair to settle. Make sure to inform your stylist of any major changes in case this will affect your bridal hair style!

Keeping your hair healthy will also play a large part in nailing your final bridal hair style. Give your hair (and your stylist) the best chance at maintaining your look on the day by caring for it in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Incorporate weekly conditioning masks into your routine to maximise shine and softness, and plan your final wash to be the day before, rather than the morning of your wedding. Squeaky clean hair is difficult to work with and doesn’t hold an updo for as long.

Lets Find You Your Perfect Bridal Hair Style

Our team here at Twidale would be honoured to be part of your big day. We invite you contact us for all your bridal hair style and makeup needs. Make sure to also check out our other blog posts for more bridal tips and tricks to prepare you for your big day. Need more styling inspo? You also check out our Instagram here.