Everything You Need To Know About Reverse Hair Washing

Is your hair feeling dull and lifeless lately, or are you struggling to add volume or retain shine? Most of us already have a hair care routine to optimise hair growth and health, but sometimes a little change is needed to reinvigorate our strands. Enter the reverse hair washing regimen, a unique routine that might be just what you need to bring your hair back to life.


What Is Reverse Hair Washing?

Reverse hair washing is as the name implies; simply washing your hair with the same products you usually use in the reverse order. The idea is to use a conditioner, ideally a deep conditioning treatment first and then finish with shampoo.


What Is The Rationale Behind Reverse Hair Washing?

While it might seem counterintuitive, there is some reasoning for why reverse hair washing might actually be more beneficial on some hair types than a regular routine. Our hair follicles are the most absorbent after getting in the shower. Warm water saturates the hair with its neutral pH, leaving the keratin proteins porous and primed to take in nourishing active ingredients. The idea is that the conditioner will be most effective at taming the hair, adding shine and softening if applied first, then washing off the excess and residual coating with shampoo.


Should I Try Reverse Hair Washing?

Everyone can try reverse hair washing to see if it works for them. However, this method is ideal for thin, fine hair types that struggle with oily, flat or dull hair with dry ends. Some people will find that washing off conditioner with shampoo will prevent the scalp from getting oily too quickly, resulting in fewer washes. If you have thicker, fuller hair you’re unlikely to see any benefit from these cosmetic effects.


How Else Can I Rejuvenate My Hair?

If you’re looking to change up your hair game this year, there are so many options to try. First, you need to be aware of the climate and how that affects your hair. If you’re finding you’re battling frizz and flyaways, it’s likely due to the humidity and not the products you’re using. A heat protectant and products that contain ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter will help you fight frizz in the warmer months. During the winter months, you’ll benefit more from deep conditioning masks and leave-in conditioners. We also recommend chatting to your hair stylist about product recommendations and styling tips to see where you could improve.


Treat Your Hair To A Salon Experience At Twidale

It’s hard to beat the way a salon appointment leaves your hair feeling. That’s because we use the best products to get your hair silky and soft before professional styling that ensures no damage is being done to the hair. Trims are also the only way to free yourself from split or dead ends and will greatly improve the look and feel of your hair. Simply get in touch with our stylists at Twidale to book an appointment and we can help you with a personalised haircare routine during your appointment!