4 Key Eye Glitter Makeup Tips For Hooded and Mature Eyes - Twidale Australia's most wanted Hair and Makeup Artist Menu Meet The Sirens About Twidale Weddings Fashion Price List Testimonials Contact Make a Booking Bridal Contract Makeup Eye Glitter Makeup Tips for Hooded and Mature Eyes November 9, 2023 Eye glitter is the ultimate accessory for adding a touch of magic to your makeup look, no matter your age or eye shape. Whether you’re aiming for a dramatic, golden, Euphoria effect or a subtle hint of sparkle, eye glitter can work for everyone. From choosing the right products to application techniques that will suit you, get ready to elevate your eye makeup game and discover how you can make your eye glitter makeup unique to you.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hair & Makeup | Brisbane (@twidalehairandmakeup)   Prep Your Lids Before Applying Eye Glitter   When it comes to achieving a glittery eye makeup look, the foundation is crucial. Regardless of your age or eye shape, start by moisturising your eyelids and applying an eye primer designed for your skin type. A well-prepared canvas ensures a long-lasting and flawless glitter application. You can also try dampening the tip of your brush using setting spray before picking up loose glitter. This will help minimise any fallout ruining your beautiful glowing base if your eyes are the final step.   Eye Glitter Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes   Hooded eyes come with their unique charm, and enhancing that charm with glitter is a matter of technique and choice. To start, eye primer should be your best friend. It creates a smooth base that prevents creasing and ensures the glitter’s colours pop vividly. Given the reduced visible lid space, opt for fine or micro glitter rather than chunky particles. These are easier to control and create a more flattering effect. For a more defined and open look, consider creating a cut crease with a matte eyeshadow or concealer. This technique prevents glitter from transferring to the hooded part of your lid. Make sure to use a glitter adhesive or glue to ensure the glitter stays in place and doesn’t smudge or fall off during the day or night. When applying the glitter, use a gentle patting motion with a flat, synthetic brush or your finger instead of swiping to minimise fallout. For balance, keep the outer V area matte or lightly defined, as this prevents the eyes from looking too heavy. Use a waterproof eyeliner on the upper lid to make your lash line appear fuller and your eyes more defined. To avoid smudging, especially for those prone to it, opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different glitter colours and techniques to discover what works best for your unique eye shape and personal style.   How to Apply Eye Glitter on Mature Skin   Mature skin, while full of wisdom, may require some special attention when applying glitter makeup. To begin, focus on hydration and priming. Use an eye cream to moisturise your eyelids and apply a primer specifically designed for mature skin. This helps minimise dryness and fine lines, creating a smooth canvas for your eye glitter. Avoid traditional glitter glue or adhesive as these can accentuate wrinkles. Instead, go for cream or liquid eyeshadows with a glittery finish. They are more forgiving on mature skin and create a sophisticated look without emphasising lines. Choose subtle eye glitters with a satin or shimmer finish rather than chunky or overly sparkly options. Refined glitters add a touch of glamour while keeping the look elegant. Create depth and dimension by applying matte transition shades in the crease and outer corner, but be cautious not to place glitter in the crease area, as it can accentuate texture. Proper blending is crucial to achieving a seamless transition between colours without harsh lines. Finish your eye makeup with a setting spray to prevent the glitter from settling into creases. For eyeliner, consider a soft, smudged line along the lash line for definition that’s kind to mature skin. Make your lashes a focal point by curling them and applying generous coats of mascara. This opens up the eyes and diverts attention from any unevenness. When applying glitter makeup on mature skin, good lighting is a must. Make use of natural light or a well-lit makeup mirror to ensure an even and well-blended look. We offer lots of makeup tips for mature skin, women in their 40’s and mother of the bride ideas for you to try.   How to Grow Your Confidence in Wearing Eye Glitter   Bringing these tips together, it’s clear that anyone can rock glitter makeup, regardless of their age or eye shape. Whether you have hooded eyes or mature skin, the key is to adapt your techniques to enhance your natural beauty and create a look that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as they’re easy to clean up using a cotton swab. To remove at the end of the night, go in with a gentle, makeup remover. Finding products that work for you is also an important part of discovering how to make eye glitter work for you. Sometimes all you need is an iridescent shimmer liquid shadow, and other times strategically placed glitter in an inner corner can be all the pop you need.   Try An Eye Glitter Makeup Look With the Experts at Twidale   If you want to experience the magic of glitter makeup in the hands of professionals, our team at Twidale is here to make it happen. Our expert hair and makeup artists are ready to create stunning looks tailored to your unique features and personal style. Book your appointment with us today and get ready to sparkle! Don’t miss out on the latest beauty trends and expert tips. 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