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Face Value: How to choose a Makeup Artist for your Wedding.

Emily - Twidale Bride

Emily – Twidale Bride

You’ve got the man. You’ve found the dress, and you have the photographer locked in. All of the planning and taste testing has happened without much of a hitch, and the date is fast approaching. As the to-do list gets crossed off, it’s inevitable that so will the budget allocations, and before long, you are going to be looking for ways to save, and we get that. We do. However on all of the days to skimp on makeup, or attempt a DIY, your wedding day should not be one of them.

We know that your friend’s sister’s second cousin might offer to do it. We know that your Husband-to-be will say he prefers you without makeup anyway. (He’s divine. Marry him.) But we also know that in the often unpredictable and sometimes-harsh natural light, you’re going to want that polished and photoshopped finish on your face. By securing a reputable makeup and hair artist for your big day, you’re going to have photos that you treasure forever, and not something that reminds you of a few hundred dollars that you wished you’d spent. You don’t want to look back at images of the best day of your life, and end up hating how you look in every second picture.

A good makeup artist is key, but we thought we’d offer expert tips on the actual process of selecting a good makeup artist (should Twidale be unavailable, obviously.)

Besides the costing and availability, the traits to look for in a good makeup artist are as follows:

Choose a makeup artist with whom you really click with. Personality is a big thing, particularly on your special day when nerves and excitement levels are likely to be at an all-time high. You want someone that is going to be a positive addition to your girl gang, and truly cherish the opportunity to be apart of your day.

When searching for a makeup artist, first hand reviews and recommendations from people you trust are key. Reading reviews online go little in the way of properly weeding the good from the bad – unless of course photos are attached. If you see a woman whose makeup you love, chase her down and request the details of the artist responsible. Have a hit list of artists to contact, and make an enquiry as far in advance as possible. Instagram and blogs are fantastic for virtual chasing too. You can literally have a bride’s little black book of bridal contacts at your fingertips. Just be sure to do your research and be certain you’re getting someone who is reputable. In a sea of pretty pictures, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal, when it counts.

That leads to the next most important point. It’s all well and good to have found a makeup artist who does great work. But if at every trial or appointment you’ve had together, the artist is painfully late, or so slow at the job you feel your anxiety and frustrations sky-rocketing, or is making excuses or blaming tools, you need to be brave enough to say no, sooner than later. Those artists who are forever promising “something else/better/more” on the real day, should be considered one to steer clear of too. You want someone who is reliable, responsible, and professional. Someone is going to listen to your wants and needs, and work with you to make your (realistic) bridal dreams a reality.

Hygiene and cleanliness is important too. Is their kit clean? Do their brushes look freshly washed? Are they applying your mascara with a disposable brush or a brand new tube? Because a professional and reputable artist would…

Weddings are big money. We know the mere mention of the W word causes many industries to inflate their prices. But when it comes to your hair and makeup, you generally get what you pay for.
That means, your friend’s sister’s cousin might end up costing you so much more than what an amazing makeup artist might have charged. And on the best day of your life, and an occasion that you will hopefully have fond memories of forever, you don’t want to skimp on this. And let’s face it – you know you’re worth it!

Love, Team Twidale x