Four 70s Disco Hair Styles We are Loving Right Now

Step into the glitz and glamour of the 70s disco era, where the dance floor was hot and the hair was even hotter! If you’re looking to add a touch of retro flair to your style, Twidale Hair & Makeup Artists are here to help you achieve the perfect 70s disco hair look. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event, a night out on the town, or simply want to rock a vintage-inspired hairstyle, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some wearable and trendy 70s disco hairstyles we love, reimagined for right now!


Big Bouncy Disco Curls

This hairstyle screams 70s disco hair all over! Embrace your inner diva with big bouncy curls that will have you ready to hit the dance floor with confidence. This voluminous and glamorous look is all about cascading curls that add movement and allure to your hair. To achieve this style, start by applying a heat protectant spray to your hair. Then, use a large-barrel curling iron to curl small sections of your hair away from your face. After curling each section, gently release the curl and allow it to cool. Once all your hair is curled, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently separate and loosen the curls for that effortlessly tousled effect. Finish with a mist of hairspray (and a pair of roller skates if you dare!). You could also try one of our heatless curl methods.




Shagadelic Layers

Embrace your inner disco diva with a shag haircut that pays homage to the groovy 70s. It’s been around for a few years now and we hope it stays! This haircut features choppy layers that are fuller at the crown and layered towards the back with textured ends, and a carefree, effortless vibe. Pair it with some tousled waves, a fringe, and a centre part for an authentic retro look that oozes coolness. The shag works great on various hair lengths, making it a versatile option for everyone looking to channel their inner disco spirit without too much maintenance.


Glamorous Beehive Updo

Make a bold statement with a glamorous beehive updo that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the 70s. This voluminous hairstyle adds height and drama, perfect for special events or a night out. Start by teasing the crown of your hair to create volume, then gently smooth it back. Gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, teasing the ponytail itself for added fullness. Wrap the ponytail around its base, forming a chic bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Finish off with some hairspray to keep your beehive updo in place throughout the night.


Farrah Fawcett Feathers

Capture the essence of Farrah Fawcett, the epitome of 70s glamour, with feathered layers that frame your face beautifully. This feathered hairstyle exudes sexiness and sophistication. To achieve the iconic Farrah Fawcett look, use a large-barrelled curling iron to create loose curls away from your face. Brush them out gently for a softer, feathered effect. Finish with a spritz of shine spray for that extra touch of glam.


Glitter Roots and Space Buns

Take your 70s disco hair game to the next level with a modern twist. Embrace the trend of glitter roots, where you apply sparkly glitter to your roots for an eye-catching effect. Combine this with playful space buns for a youthful and fun look that screams disco fever. Add some temporary hair colour or highlights to truly make your style pop.


Ready to Boogie on Down with These 70s Disco Hair Trends?

Twidale Hair & Makeup Artists are passionate about creating stunning looks that make you feel confident and glamorous for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding, formal, or special occasion, or you’e just after a new ‘do, our talented team is here to bring your 70s hair dreams to life. Contact Jo and the team at Twidale Hair & Makeup Artists today to schedule an appointment or consultation. Your journey to disco fabulousness starts here!