Twidale Salon Brisbane | Get Salon-finished Hair, Every day! Australia's most wanted Hair and Makeup Artist Menu Meet The Sirens About Twidale Weddings Fashion Price List Testimonials Contact Make a Booking Bridal Contract Fashion Get Salon-Finished Hair, Every Day at Our Brisbane Salon! June 7, 2016 There’s no denying that walking out of the salon with gorgeous, bouncy and glossy hair is one of the best feelings known to woman-kind. Your head is held a little higher, there’s a definite spring in your step, and you’ve got a subtle strut to make ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ proud. There’s got to be a bumper sticker somewhere that says women could rule the world on salon appointment days! We each have our tricks to try and make the salon finish hair last that bit longer. Whether it’s sleeping on silk pillowcases, bathing instead of showering to minimise water drops, or the drastic but often necessary step that is forgoing all signs of glamour and sex-appeal and rocking a free plastic hotel shower cap… And on every salon day, you swear that this time will be different. You promise yourself that you’ll spend more effort to maintain the style, even if it means dragging yourself out of bed earlier each morning to blow-dry your hair. Or declaring that you’ll no longer fall into the trap of pulling it into a ponytail held together only by the frequent application of dry shampoo… You know that when you look good, you feel good, and you have every intention of making the ‘new you’ stick. But when life and work schedules clash, and kids smear porridge and god-knows-what kind of stickiness through your tresses, we understand that sometimes, a Mum-Bun is absolutely necessary. Now imagine this. A morning where you managed to get to the gym before the kids woke up. Heck, seeing as we’re dreaming, imagine you made it to a Bikram Yoga class! You walk out dripping with sweat, and your hair is an absolute mess. (Stick with us – this is a good thing, ok!) So imagine jumping in the shower and washing your hair, and towel drying, we repeat – towel drying your hair, and still being on time to do the school run/ battle traffic to the office/start your day. Except this time, instead of it drying naturally and ending up puffy and frizzy, or so limp and flat that it’s like glue to your scalp, and you have no choice but to pull in into a pony, your hair dries naturally – and it’s smooth, and bouncy, and full of volume! Nope, we’re not crazy and you’re not misreading! Let us introduce you to Enviro Chi. A hair-smoothing product which we offer in-salon at Twidale. It works eliminating up to 95% of frizz and controls curly hair with incredible results, by re-arranging Cysteine proteins in the natural fiber of the hair to re-create a smoother, shinier canvas. AKA it actually gets in and smooth’s every strand of hairs cuticle. It is important to note that it is not a chemical straightener either! The process dramatically improves the condition, and truly enhances and nourishes dry, and chemically treated hair. The process is quite simple and is approximately a 2-hour process from start to finish. It starts off with a purifying process, before progressing to the smoothing application. There is a processing time (coffee and magazines please and thank-you) and then lastly, another product is blow-dried into your hair, followed by straightening which seals the active product in. The aftercare is fairly simple, although in the interest of being completely transparent – there will be need for a daggy plastic shower cap – but only for 24 hours, we promise! You see after the treatment, and after your hair is completely dried off and the smoothing solution straight-ironed into your hair, you cannot allow any moisture near your hair at all for a full 24 hours. This means that if you happen to be casually strolling down James Street in New Farm for a casual spot of shopping when a freak raincloud appears overhead, you grab whatever you can and push it over your head, and run like a crazy person for the safety of your car. (There may have been frantic yelling to get my man to unlock the doors faster. Don’t judge. – Jess, Twidale Team Member) Your hair feels really coarse and almost chalky, but after the 24 hours is up, you shampoo and condition at home as normal, with the Chi products provided to you. You then blow-dry and straighten your hair properly and when you’re done, say goodbye to your appliances. It’s been over 3 months now, and my hair is as smooth and silky as it is on salon days, every day, and that’s regardless of whether I allow it to dry naturally or not! The Enviro Chi treatment is a salon-only service. Prices start from $300 and results last up to 4 months. NB: I wasn’t sure what results to expect, and I didn’t think to take a before or after photo. However, I was previously guilty of rocking a ‘Mum-Bun’ every day, without fail. My hair is naturally wavy and oh-so frizzy, with curls near my hairline. And thanks to pregnancy, it was limp and flat. Since having the Chi treatment, it’s bouncy and smooth, and I wear it out every day without fail. If I didn’t personally experience it, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. 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