The Glowing Makeup Tutorial That Works on Everyone!

The warmer months are perfect for embracing a more dewy, glowing makeup look. However, it’s important to remember that glow most definitely does not mean glitter. There are several products and techniques that you should definitely follow to create a luminous complexion.

Hydrating the Skin

The important thing to note is that glowing makeup doesn’t actually start with your makeup – it starts with your skin. Your goal is to create a well hydrated and moisturised complexion. For dry skin types, it’s always best to use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, and for oily skin types, use a moisturiser that is oil-free and non-comedogenic (won’t clog the pores). Hyaluronic acid is a well-known ingredient for alleviating dry skin and maintaining skin hydration. If you have especially dry skin, going in with a hydrating or brightening primer will lock in any additional hydration, while also leaving your skin looking radiant.

Make Use of Illuminators

Illuminators play a huge role in creating a glowing makeup look. They come in a variety of formulas, but for the purpose of this look, it is best to stick to a liquid illuminator. An illuminator should not be confused with a highlighter – the purpose of a highlighter is to apply it to specific areas of the face, for instance, cheekbones and brow bones. An illuminator can be used in a similar way to a highlighter, but it can also be applied all over the face, either mixed in with a foundation, or applied to the face before the foundation. Most illuminators are white/blue, golden or pink hued, and used to brighten up the complexion, however, you can find illuminators that contain a deeper bronze pigment, allowing it to be used more as a bronzer and add warmth to the face.

Pick the Right Foundation

In achieving a glowing makeup look, you will want to avoid any high coverage, mattifying foundations. Instead, opt for a medium coverage foundation with a radiant finish to create a natural-looking glow. Next, it’s important to nail the application of your foundation. If you’re using a beauty blender or brush, pressing the foundation in will help to ensure a skin-like and natural finish. Using your fingers will give your foundation the most natural skin-like finish, because the warmth of your hands will melt it into your skin. To build up or to even out coverage after applying with your fingers, use a damp sponge.

Sun-Kissed Glow With Bronzer

Of course, no glowing makeup look is complete without a bit of bronzer. Create a healthy, sun-kissed look by lightly brushing your chosen bronzer onto the areas of the face that would naturally hit the sun. It’s up to you what formula or type of bronzer you use – cream bronze or a powder bronzer with a slight shimmer (and remember, no glitter). Cream bronzers are best for glowing makeup, but you can also lightly layer a powder bronzer on top.

Glossy Lips and Shimmery Eyes to Finish

Gloss lips have certainly made a comeback over the last year or so. Most modern lip glosses are formulated to be nonstick with super hydrating and nourishing ingredients. We recommend using a nude lipstick and nude lipgloss combo to finish your glowing makeup look. If you prefer to keep your natural lip colour, simply apply a clear lipgloss.

As for the eyes, use a mix of brown/bronze toned eyeshadow colours to create a subtle, shimmer eye. Apply your brow and lash products as per usual, and don’t forget the set your makeup with a hydrating mist.

Let us Create a Glowing Makeup Look For Your Next Event

Do you have a special event coming up? Treat yourself to a glowing makeup look for your formal, wedding or birthday party by one of our talented makeup artists. Our team can also create a stunning hairstyle to match. Please contact us to enquire and book a makeup application appointment – we can’t wait to hear from you!