Here Are the Best Hair Colours for a Cool Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered why some hair colours seem to suit people and ‘pop’ more than others? It’s because the hair colour complements their skin tone. No matter how fair or deep your skin colour is, your skin tone is a tint that can be warm, cool or neutral. If your complexion has a cool undertone, this blog is for you. A cool skin tone can wear most hair colours (brown, blonde, red and black) so long as those colours have the right undertone. So, if you’re after some hair inspiration, here are the best hair colours for a cool skin tone!


How To Check If You Have a Cool Skin Tone

If you’re unsure of your skin undertone, here are a few simple ways to check. The simplest way is to look for the veins in your wrist. If they appear green, then you have warm undertones. Blue or purple means that you have cool undertones. To make it extra confusing, if your veins are a mix of blue and green, you have a neutral skin tone. Luckily for you, this means you can wear any hair colour! If you’re having trouble identifying the colour of your veins, you can also tell by what type of jewellery suits you best. If you feel like silver suits you more than gold, it’s likely you have a cool skin tone.




The Best Blonde Hair Colours For a Cool Skin Tone

If you’re curious to find out if blondes really do have more fun, cool-tone blondes are going to be the best choice for your complexion. Think icy platinum blondes, silvers and baby blondes – these all have a cool undertone that will complement your skin beautifully. Avoid warm blondes with caramel, honey or reddish tones. These will clash with your skin undertone and either make you appear pink or washed out, especially if you have fair skin. Ash blonde is one of the best hair colours for a cool skin tone as it’s universally flattering on fair and deeper skin tones.


The Best Brunette Hair Colours For a Cool Skin Tone

When choosing a shade of brown, the options are almost endless. You should only avoid browns with red undertones if you have cool skin. The perfect shade of brown can range from a deep rich chocolate all the way through to a lighter, taupe brown. Similarly, not all shades of black are created equally. The best black hair colours for a cool skin tone are going to be blue-based. They’ll appear like a true jet black in some lighting conditions and a deep midnight or navy in the sun!


The Best Red Hair Colours For a Cool Skin Tone

We’ve mentioned a few times to avoid red undertones, but did you know there are some shades of red that suit cool skin tones? Natural redheads usually have fair skin with cool undertones, and it’s a stunning combination. So if you have cool skin tones, opt for a natural auburn or mahogany shade. Avoid copper or orange as this will wash you out. Deep purple tones and berry reds also look incredibly flattering on cooler skin tones.


Find The Best Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone at Twidale

It can be tricky to know your undertone and what hair colour will complement you perfectly. That’s why coming in to see a professional hair stylist for colour recommendations is ideal. We can not only point out the exact shades that will work for you, but also help you achieve it without damaging your hair. Our stylists will leave you looking and feeling your best with gorgeous, trendy styling and at-home care tips to maintain your colour. At Twidale also offer a full suite of hair and makeup services for events, formals and weddings! Get in touch to book your appointment for a colour today!