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Here’s How to Grow Your Hair Faster and Longer!

So, you want to know how to grow your hair faster? It’s a common query we hear in the salon. Whether you’ve always wanted longer hair, or you’re looking at growing out a short haircut, unfortunately there’s a little more more to it than taking a hair vitamin or gummy.

Your hair naturally grows roughly six inches every year – and that’s if your hair is in prime condition. There’s no proof that you can speed up the process, but there are things you can do to keep your hair healthy and help the process along.

Focus On the Scalp

Paying attention to your scalp is key when looking at how to grow your hair faster. Hair grows from the bottom of the hair follicle under the skin, also known as the dermis. Each follicle is made up of proteins call keratin, while the dermis contains blood vessels, collagen, elastin fibres and, of course, hair follicles. As your blood circulates around your body, the blood vessels in the dermis supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair root, which helps with the hair growth process. A proper scalp care routine can certainly impact your hair growth rate, particularly the thickness of your hair. Massaging your scalp can boost blood circulation and help bring nutrients to the follicle. There is also research that a scalp massage can increase the thickness of the hair by stretching the living hair follicle cells.

Get Regular Trims

The truth is, if you’re looking at how to grow your hair faster, cutting your hair will not speed up the process. It will, however, leave you with healthier, shinier and thicker hair. Hair growth comes from the root of your hair, not the ends. However, regular visits to your hairdresser will help remove split ends that cause hair breakage. A split end will continue to split, which will affect the length of your hair. What you are able to do is maintain the length and encourage growth.

Shampoo Less

We know the purpose of shampooing your hair is to remove dirt and any product build up. Your scalp naturally produces oils that are needed for long, healthy hair. By shampooing your hair every day, you can strip away the natural oils, especially if you’re using shampoos with harsh ingredients such as parabens, silicones and sulfates. Now this doesn’t mean you have to completely disregard cleansing your hair – you can opt for a sulfate-free shampoo a few times a week. Only those with an oily scalp should consider washing their hair with shampoo more frequently.

Condition and Hydrate Your Hair More

What we do recommend if you’re looking at how to grow your hair faster, is to make sure your hair is moisturised and nourished. Using a nourishing conditioner can protect the hair shaft from heat damage and other external elements like pollution. Coating the ends of your hair with either a deep conditioner or a leave-in hair mask will also strengthen the hair and prevent any further breakage. This helps to retain your hair length.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are not just a trend, they offer many benefits to both the skin and the hair. Cotton pillowcases actually absorb moisture, while silk pillowcases help to retain your hair’s natural oils. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’ll also experience less friction which often leads to split ends and breakage, and less frizz.

Want More Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Faster?

Whether you’re after more tips on how to grow your hair faster, or you need a good trim or conditioning treatment to help the hair growth process, our professional hairdressers are here to help! Follow these tips, see a hairdresser for regular trims, and you’ll have beautiful, long hair in no time! Get in touch to book a consultation appointment with our hairdressers.