Here's How To Master The Cut Crease In 2021 - Twidale Australia's most wanted Hair and Makeup Artist Menu Meet The Sirens About Twidale Weddings Fashion Price List Testimonials Contact Make a Booking Bridal Contract Inspiration, Makeup Here’s How To Master The Cut Crease In 2021 June 17, 2021 Cut creases are trending again in 2021, with makeup enthusiasts and celebrities sharing their love for the dramatic yet versatile makeup look. Since COVID-19 has made masks a regular accessory here in Australia, the emphasis is on the eyes. If you would like to master the cut crease look and make a statement with your eye makeup this year, keep reading! What Is A Cut Crease? A cut-crease is an eye makeup look that defines the eyelid crease by using eye shadow followed by concealer to cut into the crease of your lid, creating a dramatic contrast that makes your eyes appear larger and more open. Cut creases work on every eye shape, including hooded eyes. How to Get a Perfect Cut Crease in 2021 There are endless ways to create this look, but we’ve decided to share the classic cut crease method that’s super easy to follow. To achieve this look, you will need a flat concealer brush, concealer, an eyeshadow palette (your choice of neutrals or a colourful palette), eyeliner in the colour of your choice and an eyeshadow primer. For this example, we’ll be using neutral, earthy tones for a simple, classic look. Prime The Lids As with every dramatic eye look, your cut crease will only be as good as the base you’ve prepared underneath it. We recommend using an eyeshadow primer like Mac’s Prep + Prime 24hr Eye Base. Your eyeshadow primer might feel slightly tacky when you apply it, but it will provide an excellent amount of grip for your eyeshadow. If you don’t have a primer, you can also use a thin layer of lightweight concealer. Concealers that are too thick or pigmented make it more difficult to blend and can cause your eyeshadow to appear patchy. Decide On Your Placement Next, you need to decide the placement of the crease and the shape of your eye makeup look. This will affect your placement for the transition shade that will form a gradient to create the cut crease illusion. As a general rule of thumb, a safe bet is having it halfway between your lash line and brow bone, which gives you the most amount of room to play around with. Remember that it’s okay to have the crease defined above where your natural crease is — this is going to create an illusion of wider eyes. Defining the shape above your natural crease is going to work particularly well for those with slightly hooded eyes. Apply Your Base Shadow Now that your eyelids are primed and you have a rough idea of where you want your shadow to go, it’s time to prepare the backdrop for your cut crease. You can technically use any colour for your base shade, but we suggest using a darker shadow like a neutral brown to define your “crease”. Blend a lighter shade on top to make the crease stand out. Matte eyeshadows work best for this as they are easier to blend than glitter or shimmer shades. Cut The Crease When you’re ready to cut the crease, grab a flat concealer brush and light concealer. Start applying the concealer from your inner corner, draw a line along the crease towards the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to keep the line of concealer nice and crisp, covering any eyeshadow that may have blended onto your eyelids. Fill In Your Blank Canvas Now that you’ve carved out the crease, fill in the rest of the lid with a thick layer of concealer that sweeps outwards toward the tail of the brow. Then, to finish off the look, apply a lighter coloured shadow to set the concealer, and pair it with a bold winged eyeliner and lashes. If you prefer a colourful cut crease look, you can swap out the neutral tones for vibrant colours and metallic finishes. You can also use coloured liner to mimic a cut crease look without the need for concealer or eyeshadow. For more inspiration, check out our 60s-inspired makeup looks that are trending now. How to Correct Any Mistakes A cut crease does require a level of precision to achieve and maintain that straight continuous line. If you find that you’ve made a mistake or you’re not happy with the placement, use a cotton swab with some micellar water to gently remove any concealer or eyeshadow. This is the best way to get your cut crease on the second or third try, without ruining your entire eye makeup look. And if all else fails, you can always try one of our 7 gold eyeshadow looks that look great all year round! Get The Perfect Cut Crease Every Time at Twidale If you’re new to the cut crease game, it can take a bit of time to get the right look and shape. Guidance from a professional makeup artist may be beneficial to you, especially if you want to try this look for an upcoming event! Our makeup artists at Twidale have the technical skill to create and deliver beautiful makeup looks that hit the brief. Get in touch today to book your appointment! cut creasemakeup tutorial Share Previous post Next post Subscribe and follow Instagram This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: No feed found. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to create a feed. Categories Client Love Events Fashion Formals Hair In The Media Inspiration Makeup Real Wedding Sirens Uncategorised Wedding Recent Posts How to Achieve the Soft Glam Makeup Look in 5 Steps January 24, 2024 Face Framing Layers: Inspiration And How To Style Them January 9, 2024 Is The Dyson Airwrap Really Worth It? 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