Here’s How to Stop Hair Breakage

It’s natural for hundreds of hairs to fall out each day. However, if you’re finding more and more hairs that are short and brittle on the end of your brush or hair tie, you’re probably experiencing some breakage. Breakage is caused by damaged hair that is snapping along the shaft when it experiences tension. Unlike hair loss, breakage leaves behind frizzy and uneven hairs that are often confused for adult baby hairs. If you’re wondering how to stop hair breakage, we’ve got some tips for you.

Reasons Your Hair Could Be Predisposed To Breaking

When you discover breakage, the first thing you need to do is identify and eliminate potential causes.  Keep in mind there’s likely more than one reason that your hair is breaking so easily. 
Dry hair is more likely to break than hydrated, strong hair. Your hair could be dry from using too much heat or simply living in a hot and humid climate. To avoid breakage from dry hair, try eliminating drying products from your routine, incorporating a weekly hydrating hair mask and protecting your hair from the heat with hair oils.
Emotional stress can be a key contributor to having dry, brittle hair that is susceptible to breaking. Placing too much physical stress on the hair with tight, unforgiving ponytails can also cause breakage. 
Both chemical and physical damage will cause hair breakage. Chemical hair damage can occur from the products you’re using in your hair care routine, or from harsh dyes and bleaching. Studies have shown that shampoos with acidic pH levels can cause more breakage, so try looking beyond the supermarket shelves for better ingredients that are balanced and won’t weaken your hair. Over-brushing your hair is another thing that can cause breakage, especially if you’re using a harsh brush or brushing your hair while its wet and weak. 

How To Stop Hair Breakage By Taking Care of Your Hair

Once you’ve alleviated some of the stressors on your hair, you can take preventative measures to strengthen your hair even further. These are long-term lifestyle changes that will fortify regrowth and prevent breakage as much as possible.
Create Gentle Haircare Habits
Now that we know physical stress is one of the biggest culprits that cause breakage, one of the easiest ways to take care of your hair is using gentler techniques. Letting your hair air dry, sleeping in plaits and using silk scrunchies and pillows are all great ideas. Additionally, brushing your hair with a detangling spray and soft, short strokes can help you maintain length while your hair is damaged. 
Adjust Your Diet
Nutrition is integral to maintaining and promoting healthy hair growth. Being deficient in certain nutrients can weaken the hair significantly. If you’ve been wondering how to stop hair breakage in its tracks, look for foods containing biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin D, protein and iron. You can also look to supplement some of these vitamins while you’re striving towards a more balanced diet. 
Increasing Your Visits To A Hairdresser
Receiving regular hair treatments by a professional is going to help your hair in more ways than one. A hair stylist will recommend the best salon products for your hair type, identify harmful habits and keep split ends in check. Split ends also weaken the hair shaft, leaving it more vulnerable to breakage up towards the root. Regular trims and leaving bleach to a professional will make a massive difference to the overall state of your hair. 

Revive Your Hair And Stop Breakage With A Trim At Twidale

Now that you know how to stop hair breakage, it’s time to book in for an appointment with a professional hair stylist at Twidale. We can look after your hair needs for any occasion. Simply get in touch or call to book your first appointment, or view our testimonials and pricing list to see which of our services may be the best fit for you. At Twidale, all our stylists are passionate about maintaining natural, healthy hair so that you look and feel your best.