Here’s The Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Sometimes all you need is a nice hairstyle to give your outfit a lift for that upcoming event, but what are some easy to achieve, fuss-free styles that you can add to your repertoire? Low maintenance hairstyles don’t have to be boring — in fact, some of the most stylish and elegant looks are simple to do at home. We’ve listed the best glamorous hairstyles that require minimal effort, perfect for any occasion.

The Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of our all time favourite bun styles. It’s a classically recognisable style that you can wear to work and appears effortlessly chic for events. No matter your hair length, you can make a messy bun work for you. To achieve this look, pull your hair back gently into a loose ponytail, twist the ponytail around the base until it forms a bun, and secure the bun in place with bobby pins. For a perfectly imperfect messy bun, embrace your face-framing layers and wispy stray hairs to create that beautiful tousled yet effortless look.

Carefree Curls

Anyone can pull off this low maintenance hairstyle, even if your hair is naturally straight. All you need is a blowdryer, a round brush and a curling wand or straightener. We love this curly look for its versatility. From weddings to other special events, you can relax knowing your soft curls will hold all day long with zero maintenance required. For perfect bouncy curls, all you need to do is blow dry your hair after washing it. Use a round brush to pull out small sections of hair, and twist to get it in the shape you want. Pulling out and up also ensures you get maximum height and volume as it dries. Once your hair is completely dry, use a curling wand to create your desired curl and smooth any frizz with hair oil. You can also twist a flat iron through the hair to provide a similar effect. If you have naturally curly hair, you won’t need to follow these steps! Simply plop your hair into a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt, after your normal haircare routine, scrunch your hair with curl cream and diffuse with a blowdryer on low heat to get perfectly defined, natural curls.

The Perfect Ponytail

There’s nothing quite as simple and versatile as a ponytail. It requires minimal styling and technique, and it suits all hair textures and lengths. The ponytail is one of our favourite low maintenance hairstyles because it requires minimal styling time. For a sleek, tight ponytail, use a styling comb to pull back the hair as tight as possible and use hairspray to smooth down frizz or baby hairs. Or for a softer, casual ponytail look, add some loose curls and wrap a strand of hair around the tie to conceal it. To add some volume to your locks, double up on your ponytails by splitting your hair into two sections. Fasten the top section into a ponytail, and create a hidden ponytail directly underneath to give the illusion of length and volume.

Silky Straight & Sleek

This is a great hairstyle to opt for if you’re after something that is effortlessly chic and perfectly polished. Straightening and parting your hair straight down the middle is a stunning symmetrical style that will add sophistication to any outfit. If you want your hair to stay healthy, glossy and free from breakage, it’s important to nourish your hair with a great haircare routine and heat protectant like Nak’s Hair Thermal Shield before styling it. For short-haired girls, flick up the ends with your straightener to add dimension and show off your highlights.

The Stylish Side Part Clip

If you want to make a statement without twisting your hair back into complicated braids, the side part with a hair clip or barrette might be for you. This style can be worn with your hair straight, natural or curled. You can choose a muted look with a small clip that matches your hair colour, or go bold with a large rhinestone encrusted piece. Wearing multiple clips is also on trend right now, so you can showcase your creative flair without spending hours on your hair. This stunning look suits anyone and is one of our favourite low maintenance hairstyles for formals.

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