Makeup Looks We’re Loving This Season

Makeup trends come and go faster than a Too Faced palette sells out of a Mecca store. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have our fun experimenting while they’re here. Here are the makeup looks we’re loving in 2017.


Non-Touring (Instead of Contouring)

In the past couple of years we’ve seen contouring, highlighting, strobing and baking throw us all into a confused haze of elaborate face painting. Now, makeup artists are stripping away the layers upon layers of perfectly blended makeup shades to prioritise healthy, radiant skin. This fresh and glowing skin trend pairs flawlessly with bold eyes or bold lips.


Statement Lips

Statement lip colours all the way from bright reds to dark indigos are making a comeback this season. We’re also seeing some more adventurous styles like metallic and textured lips – a trend we haven’t seen much of until 2017. Perhaps this signals that out-there lip styles will soon be anything but.


Bright 80’s Colours

Speaking of adventurous looks, the bold colours of the 80’s have been slowly but surely working their way into the colour palettes of makeup artists around the globe. If you’re keen to experiment with this trend but prefer a subtler look, why not try using an electric blue or magenta shade around your eyes? The pop of colour will give your face an immediate energy boost.


Natural Brows

Gone are the days of perfectly shaped Instagram eyebrows. The high arches are out and fuller, more natural eyebrows are in. Full eyebrows provide a youthful appearance, meaning that less makeup is needed on the rest of your face. Say hello to a shorter makeup routine! As for the ideal eyebrow shape? Your eyebrows should always frame the shape of your eyes and complement your face shape, so it’s best to consult a professional for shaping that’s customised to your features.


What Look is Right for You?

While we loooove experimenting with on-trend makeup looks, it ultimately depends on what look is right for you. Your facial features, your personality, what outfit you’ll be wearing – all of these factors should shape which direction you take with your makeup. Here at TWIDALE, our makeup professionals have years of experience in making our clients look and feel their very best. If you’d like to book an appointment at TWIDALE for one of our many salon services, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us easily here.