Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape

Any eye shape can wear any type of makeup. But, there are ways to enhance and accentuate the the unique characters of your eyes. We recommend following the following tips and makeup application techniques for your eye shape.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are generally equal in width and height. When looking in the mirror, if you can see the whites of your eyes along the top or the bottom, then you have round eyes. The crease is also noticeably visible with this particular eye shape.

A great makeup tip for enhancing this eye shape is to focus on elongating the eyes rather than making them look more circular. When applying eyeliner, make sure the liner is thin in the inner corner and thicker on the outer corner. With eye shadow, focus on applying your darker shades towards the outer corner to balance out your eye shape.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes tend to be oval in shape, with the irises touching both the upper and lower lid. You will also notice a slight upward lift in the outer corners. You can really pull off some dramatic makeup looks with almond eyes, so for this eye shape, aim to emphasise it with the following techniques.

The smoky eye is a classic almond eye shape makeup look. Focus on applying a darker shadow on the outer corner and lower lash line to accentuate your shape. A cut crease can also accentuate almond-shaped eyes. This technique involves creating a sharp, defined line across the eyelid (just above the crease). The key is to keep it sharp and to not over-blend. With this look, you can really experiment with contrasting colours along the crease and the rest of the lid. Another trick with almond eyes is to give the illusion of a wider eye by applying lighter shadow shades across the lid and lower lash line.


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Downturned Eyes

If the outer corners of your eyes point down, then you have downturned eyes. When applying makeup for this eye shape, the aim is to create an illusion of a lifted eye.

To achieve this, focus on using dark shadow shades on the outer corner of your eyes. Start applying your darkest shade above where your eye shape starts to point down. Then, focus on blending your shadow outwards and upwards. Try using a minimal amount of shadow or eyeliner on the bottom waterline, as this may emphasise the downturned shape.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes generally have less eyelid space. This is because there is an extra fold of skin that covers the crease. Makeup above the crease tends to become invisible with this eye shape, and the chances of eyeshadow or eyeliner transferring or smudging are pretty high.

The best makeup tips to follow for this eye shape is to prime your lids before applying makeup, and to stick to formulas that are long-wearing. It is also best to apply your eye makeup when your eyes are fully open. This way, you have an idea of what is visible and what is not. Keeping your eyes open when applying eyeshadow, you can also “cut the crease” – creating the illusion of a higher fold but higher up, by mimicking the shape of your lid using a dark brown or other neutral shade.


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Try These Makeup Tips for Your Eye Shape For Your Next Event

Got an event coming up? Use the time leading up to it to perfect the appropriate makeup techniques for your eyes. If you prefer more guidance from a professional makeup artist, our team here at Twidale are more than happy to help. We can talk you through how to apply makeup for your eye shape, or we can book you in for a makeup application session on the day of your event. Please get in touch to see how we can help you!