The 2022 hair trends you are going to see a lot of this year!

A new year calls for a new you, and what better way to transform yourself than trying out a trendy, post-pandemic hairstyle. So what’s popular this year? Our stylists are noticing a return of 90s and early 2000s trends in celebrity and influencer appearances. And with the likes of viral Tik Tok’s having a broader influence on all things fashion, we’re excited to see brand new looks and redone classics. Mix it up this year with these 2022 hair trends that are sure to be a hit.


#1 Sleek, silky and neat

The ‘clean girl’ look is still very much trending from 2021 well into this year. It’s all about creating an effortless and “off-duty” duty look through both hair and makeup. The hair is pulled back and slicked down for a simplistic elegance that anyone can wear. You can try this hairstyle with a middle part for effortless symmetrical style and pin it into a bun or high ponytail.



#2 Feathered, wispy bangs

If you’ve been staring at yourself with the bangs filter for way too long, it might be time to try it for real! We absolutely love wispy bangs because they look so effortlessly good with every hair type and texture. Whether you prefer to wear your hair straight or softly curled, you can’t go wrong with with soft bangs framing the face. You can style them with some leave-in conditioner and use a flat iron or blowdryer to tame them into place. Best of all, they’re easy to grow out and pin back when you’re onto the next style. If you’re after a subtle change that that looks especially good with fine hair, wispy bangs is the style for you this year.


#3 Dramatic Blow-outs

If you’ve been on any social media at all the past couple of months, you’ll have seen the bouncy, voluminous blowouts that are taking the world by storm. They’ve never truly gone out of fashion but now they are the ultimate statement in showing off your healthy hair. Fluffy curtain bangs are also commonly seen with this trend. They frame the face beautifully and are super wearable for any hair type. You can achieve this look at home using a large round brush and a blowdryer, or even the Dyson Airwrap that is at the top of every hair enthusiast’s wish list. For best results, come and see a professional hairstylist at Twidale to help you find your perfect blow-dry routine.


#5 Gentle Highlights and Balayage

Harsh ombre is out, and soft highlights are back this year. This is one of our favourite 2022 hair trends because it’s a great way to freshen up your hair without compromising your style or routines. Now is the best time to give a balayage a try to keep the warmth of summer flowing into Autumn months. This trending look is perfect for your wedding day for a slight twist on the day-to-day colour that emphasises your natural beauty.



#5 Lots of Layers

This is one of those 2022 hair trends that is taking us back in time to the early 2000s era. Layers are back in full force! From feathered face-framing to long V-shaped contouring, there’s a layered style that will suit you. We’re also seeing more bold experimentation with choppy layers like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish’s iconic wolf cut styles that both recently made their debut. Seeing a professional hairstylist will ensure that the layers are even with the right amount of texture.


Try These 2022 Hair Trends With The Help of a Professional Hair Stylist

Here at Twidale, we can help you achieve 2022 hair trends that will give everyone serious hair envy. We recommend bringing in a photo of your inspiration or asking our professional stylists to advise you on a style that best suits your face shape and skin tone. We offer cut, colour and style services as well as makeup for special occasions. Get in touch to book an appointment with us if you’re ready to change up your hair this year.