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The Best Lip Combos for Every Glam Occasion

If there’s one thing that can instantly elevate your makeup look, it’s the perfect lip combo. Whether you’re prepping for a special occasion, a wedding, or just want to enhance your everyday look, nailing the right lip and liner duo can work wonders. We’ve listed some of the best lip combos that are universally flattering for you to try.


1. Classic Red and Deep Brown Liner

There’s a reason why the classic red lip never goes out of style. Make it your own with a bold red lipstick and a brown lip liner. This is one of the best lip combos to come out of TikTok makeup trends. Try it yourself to see how it defines and contours your lips, making them appear bigger and fuller. A brown liner that matches your undertones will help you tame a bright red lipstick. We love this pairing for a stunning formal makeup look that demands attention.


2. Vibrant Berry Tints and Gloss

Whether you love soft strawberry pinks or deep plum purples, there’s a perfect popsicle lip combo for everyone. For a look that’s both delicate and dreamy, apply a few drops of a colourful lip stain of your choice for a flush of colour. Focus the pigment in the centre of your lips and gently blend outwards to meet your foundation shade at the outer edge. Create an enchanting shine with your favourite gloss to finish it off. This romantic look popularised by Korean beauty is the perfect long-lasting lip combo for date night or attending a wedding.




3. Toffee Lip and Chocolate Liner

For a sultry but sweet vibe, try this irresistible combination for a twist on the classic nude lip. Start by lining with a chocolate liner before going in with a warm nude to fill in the rest of your lips. Grab a toffee tinted gloss to blend the two together. This is one of the best lip combos for its versatility. For an everyday glam, wear this with a natural eye makeup look, or ramp it up with a golden eyeshadow for a look that exudes confidence.


4. Bright Lips and Dramatic Liner

This is the best retro lip combo for showing off your personality and creative flair. Start with the deepest liner shade that you can reasonably pull off, including black. Tip: Use your brow pencil as a lip liner that will naturally compliment your features. Contour and define your lips before going in with a bright eyeliner colour like white, orange, peach or turquoise. Fill in your lips and then bring everything together with a clear coat gloss. You could also try pairing them with a cut crease or winged liner.




Ready To Try Our Best Lip Combos?

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