Tips for Creating a Natural Formal Makeup Look

Formal season is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about your makeup look options if you haven’t already! This blog is for anyone looking for natural formal makeup inspiration. This year, it’s perfectly on trend if you choose to forego the bold red lip and dramatic smokey cut-creases for a more understated look. Understated doesn’t have to be boring! When it comes to a beautiful natural glam, it’s all about understanding where less can be more and highlighting your natural features. Keep reading to discover tips on creating a natural formal makeup look from our talented makeup artists.


#1 Let The Brows Have Their Moment

When you opt for a more natural glam, your eyebrows do a lot more of the talking. Brows are always an essential step in any makeup routine, but when there is less happening with your eye look, attention naturally disperses to other features. Brows are responsible for framing the face, so it’s important that they get extra love and attention for a natural formal makeup look. Use a brow pomade for a defined look and a sturdy brow gel or wax to set them in place.

#2 Create A Delicate Eye Look

When it comes to creating a formal makeup look, it’s often tempting to get heavy-handed on the eyes with a dramatic, razor-sharp wing. If your goal is to create a more natural formal makeup look, keep the eyeliner from overwhelming the lid by using thin lines, focusing on the outer third of the eye and leaving as much space as possible on the lid. We also recommend applying white liner to your waterline to open up the eyes, making them appear wider, brighter and more awake.


#3 Opt For A Wispy Lash

A natural formal makeup look demands false lashes that amplify the eyes. However, if you opt for a dramatic, long lash with a thick lash band, there’s a chance you’ll overwhelm the lash line and cover up any beautiful natural or subtle eyeshadow looks. Instead, accentuate your eyes with a set of wispy lashes or individual lashes. If you’re blessed with long natural lashes or have lash extensions, a few coats of a good, waterproof mascara is all you might need for your formal night!



#4 Bring Your Nude Lipstick and Gloss

Now that lip stains are in fashion, it’s easier to keep a red lip looking good all night long, but nothing beats the ease and practicality of a nude lip and gloss. Make sure to bring the products you use or a close match for touch-ups throughout the night. Want to know a secret? You can get away with over-lining your lips even with a natural formal makeup look. To pull this off, use a shade that matches your lips or is slightly darker and very carefully trace just over the top of your natural lip contours.


#5 Blending Your Base is a Must

When it comes to natural formal makeup looks, you can’t get away with an obvious deep contour or excessive amounts of bronzer. You should still contour your features and bronze up the perimeter of your face, but ensure that everything is perfectly blended before stepping out. To achieve this, try using a cream or liquid contour under your foundation, focusing on carving out your cheekbones and defining your nose. Then use a warm-toned pearlescent bronzer to warm up the face around your forehead, cheeks and jawline.


Ready to Trial A Natural Formal Makeup Look With Twidale?

Here at Twidale, we specialise in event hair and makeup for all occasions. We especially love formal season and are more than happy to turn your inspiration into a reality. If you have a few ideas you want to try out, you can talk to our expert makeup artists and trial some formal looks before deciding on one for the night. We also offer hair cuts, colours and styling so that you can achieve your hair goals on your formal night as well. Get in touch to book an appointment for yourself or a group of friends to get the perfect, natural formal makeup look!