Wedding Hair That Looks Great With a Veil

When it comes to your wedding day hair, there are many things you need to consider. These might include your hair type and length, your dress, the season and your wedding venue. You will also need to consider whether you are planning on wearing any hair accessories or a veil. Veils come in many styles and lengths, and many ways to attach, so it pays to have some idea about whether you will wear a veil, and what type, before you decide on your hair.

We share 4 styles to consider for wedding hair that’ll look great with a veil below.


Out with Waves or Curls

One of the easiest and most popular choices for wedding hair with a veil is out and in loose curls or finger waves. And while this is a relatively simple look that can be created for most hair types and lengths, you will need to consider how your veil might be anchored in place. Most veils come with a comb, which can be made of alloy metal or plastic. Hair stylists will typically use bobby pins to affix hair in place, creating a small ponytail at the crown of the head, or by plaiting a small braid. This style works with just about every veil type, from blusher veils to birdcage veils and Juliet cap veils.


Half Up Half Down

This wedding hair looks great with a veil, holding it in place without having to make too many amendments. Half up half down is a flattering style that suits lots of face shapes and dress types. It can be worn with face framing strands left and waved out for a romantic feel, or all swept back for more formal, modern styling. Popular ways to create the half up half down hair style include weaving three sections of hair together in a plait or braid, pulling hair from the crown into a ponytail and affixing with a hair band (this option is great when wearing a blusher veil), loosely knotting hair at the back of the head, or by teasing hair at the crown and affixing in place with a barrette or bobby pins. It’s a great way to show off your hair while wearing a veil without having to worry too much about it falling out!


High Up Updo

Up dos are are a great wedding hair option for those who want to make their veil a centrepiece and show off their shoulders and makeup. It’s also an ideal choice for brides who opt to wear a blusher veil or bird cage veil. A high set updo is usually in the form of a sleek bun or ponytail, or a French twist. This hairstyle is a complementary choice for more traditional dress styles and fabrics, working well with lace, dresses with a high neck, dresses that cover the shoulders, or for showing off embellished accessories such as earrings, hair clips, or a beautiful veil. With this style, veils can often be easily held in place using whatever means used to affix the updo, and depending on the height of the style, above or below the bun. Pony tails generally require some teasing of hair or some kind of twist just above the pony tail to provide a secure place for attaching the veil, however you can also purchase veils that are designed specifically for pony tails – these wrap or fold around the top of the pony, or may split in two, with sections of the veil sitting on either side of the hair.




Low Set Updo

If you are after a low set up do for wedding hair that looks great with a veil, there is a plethora of styles you can choose for wedding, from messy buns to sleek chignons. This style is so versatile, suiting a range of veil lengths and showing off a number of dress styles, such as high-neck gowns in the same way a high set updo does. Veils may need to be placed above the updo, but they can also be placed beneath, and they also work well with a mantilla style veil or a birdcage veil. Don’t forget your veil will typically be removed before enjoying the reception, so think about how you’d like your hair to look post-ceremony before deciding which hairstyle to go for.




Need Help Creating The Perfect Wedding Hair To Wear With Your Veil?

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