Winter Makeup Trends We Are Loving

Winter is coming – now is the time to start updating your makeup collection and gather some inspired looks to get you through the colder months. We’ve put together a list of our favourite winter makeup trends that are sure to become everyday staples.


The Barely-there Look

Let’s keep things simple and fresh. One of our favourite winter makeup trends is the no-makeup look. We absolutely love the idea of a face that is well hydrated, natural and glowy. It is super easy to achieve, and the good news is, you don’t need a lot of product. All you need is a good layer of moisturiser, some concealer, lip balm and a quick swipe of mascara.


Bold Blush

Over recent years, contouring has dominated the makeup scene while blush has taken a back seat. We have loved seeing bold blush looks making a comeback at this year’s A/W runway shows – it will definitely come in handy on those bleak winter days. To achieve the flushed look, simply apply your favourite blush to the apples of your cheeks. Subtle is not the goal here, so apply more than you usually would. If you would like to take it one step further, extend the blush up to your temples and blend it in to your eyeshadow.

winter makeup trends


This might be one of the biggest winter makeup trends for 2019. We’ve seen this look on a number of celebrities at red carpet events, and we must say, it is definitely a trend to embrace this winter. Monochromatic makeup focuses on a single colour applied to the lids, lips and cheeks. If you prefer something subtle, opt for a soft pink or peach. For a more sultry look, try brown tones. If you want to make more of a statement, go bold with a bright orange. The colour choice is ultimately up to you, but always work with a shade that suits your skin tone.


Glossy Lips

Matte has been on the map for quite some time, but it’s time for the matte look to take a step back, and let glossy lips take over. With the beauty world shifting its obsession onto everything that glows and glistens, it comes as no surprise to see glossy lips as one of the winter makeup trends for 2019. For the ultimate glass-like pout, we suggest priming your lips with the Mac Prep + Prime Lips before applying your gloss of choice. Try this makeup trend with either a metallic shadow or a smokey eye.

winter makeup trends

Extreme Winged Eyeliner

We love seeing winter makeup trends that reimagine timeless looks like the classic winged liner. The dramatic wing has certainly made its way around various runway shows. While it may not be a look you opt for during the day, it is definitely want to try on a night out or even for an event.

Using your product of choice, extend the liner to cover the entire lid up to the crease. This look can be quite intense, so we suggest keeping your complexion and lips as natural as possible. Let the eyeliner speak for itself.


Want to Try One of These Winter Makeup Trends?

Twidale has worked with many magazines to produce creative editorial looks. If you would like to know more about these winter makeup trends, or even try one for yourself, our team of elite makeup artists can recreate a look for you. Contact us to make an appointment at our Brisbane salon now.